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I offer Counselling for the following-

'Remote' Counselling Specialist

I am based in Kingston Upon Thames in Surrey and am working online via the Zoom platform or via phone. This means that I am now able to offer my services both nationally and internationally. I have undertaken additional training in working 'remotely' and have much experience of counselling this way.

Research shows that online counselling is as likely to result in positive outcome as 'in person' sessions, and sometimes more so. Furthermore, access is increased and many find they feel more comfortable engaging in home-based counselling as they are more at ease talking in a familiar environment. Sessions can be more conveniently fitted around family, work, university, college, school or any other  commitments without needing to involve additional time/cost of 'commuting' to a room elsewhere.

Other examples of when 'remote' counselling can be preferable are numerous. These include situations like fitting sessions into lunch breaks from work, once children are at school/nursery/after school activities or have been put to bed, whilst breast-feeding a baby, joint sessions for couples who may be in different locations, or to make access easier for those that have mobility, health or anxiety issues that impact their ability to leave their homes. Others may prefer the added anonymity of choosing a counsellor who does not live near them.

Value yourself by incorporating

Well-Being into your life.

A counselling session is time for


It takes just 50 minutes.

And if you can find that small space in your life, it could provide the help you have been needing and be the start of big changes.

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"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?" CHARLES BUKOWSKI

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