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Counselling for Couples

In addition to my other counselling training, I have a Relate L5 CPCAB Accredited Professional Practitioner Diploma Qualification in Relationship Counselling. I currently work for Relate as well as running my own private practice.


(For anyone not familiar with Relate, they are the UK’s largest Counselling organisation, and recognised specialists in Relationship Counselling.)

Couple's Shadow

If seeking Relationship therapy, it can be considered especially beneficial to work with someone specifically trained in counselling Couples as the focus and process are different. With individual work, the concentration is very much on personal in-depth reflection and possibly on behaviour change too. Whereas with Couples, individual life experiences and backgrounds are considered too; but it is more about the differences in these and the influence and impact of this on the Relationship and working on the way the Couple communicate, behave and relate to each other.

It is not about placing blame but about working towards acknowledging and exploring both perspectives, helping to identify negative behaviour patterns, gain insight and understanding and find a more positive way forward. Usually the work is more goal-orientated, solution-focussed and shorter term than individual therapy. However, sometimes additional issues will present during the counselling process and then these can be explored too.

I will initiate reviews of how things are going along the way, and you may choose to end therapy at any point or continue for as long as you wish. You may also decide to take a break from counselling to spend some trying some of the ‘tools’ you have learnt and return at a later date- this can also be accommodated. Going forward, I also offer less frequent catch-up/refresher sessions for some Clients once an initial course of therapy has been undertaken. This can be helpful for those that feel they would benefit from being able to still ‘touch base’ again on a regular, but more occasional basis. I believe in adopting a flexible approach that puts the needs of the Clients uppermost.  

Coffee and Cookie Break

In Relationship therapy it is important to recognise that we all evolve as people and that relationships are fluid and change over time. Resentments can build and counselling opens up a supportive space in which to explore unresolved issues before they become any bigger. So, think about taking that step today to seek help from a trained professional as you may find it very beneficial. There are many issues that can be helpfully explored in Couples Counselling.

These include the following - 


Blended Families

Cultural Issues





Extended Family Issues

Work/life Balance


Changing Roles,

Household ‘Division of Labour’

Decisions around having Children

Fertility Concerns

Miscarriage and Loss

Infidelity and Affairs

Lack of Balance

Different Parenting Styles


Sexual/intimacy Issues

Health Worries



Lack of Support



Re-igniting Friendship

Feeling ‘Stuck’

Inability to Reach a Compromise

Image by Angelo Pantazis
Image by Ricardo Moura

Being a therapist who is Relate trained and experienced in working with both Couples and Individuals is additionally beneficial for those undertaking Couples Counselling with me. This enables me to do individual 1 to1 sessions with each of you should this be deemed helpful at any point, as well as working together with both on Relationship issues. This ensures the continuity of the work and enhances the service I can offer to you.

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